Friday, July 4, 2014

Pirate's Cove

We went to Pirate's Cove in Elk Grove Village for the Fourth of July. It was a lot of fun!

I love riding in the safari train. I can sit all by myself, like a big boy!

I'm riding on the carousel all by myself, hanging on all on my own! It nearly gave Mommy a heart attack when the carousel first started and my horse took off, away from her! Hehe...

I went on some supposedly hand-operated trains, but mostly I was pushed from behind by the ride operators.


We got lunch in the park. Daddy ordered pizza, Mommy got a corn dog, Jordan got a hot dog, and I got chicken nuggets. Mommy wanted to put a Table Topper sheet, which sticks to the table, in front of me so I would have a clean placemat. My chicken nuggets were in the way of the Topper, so she told Daddy, "Lift up his nuggets!" Daddy lifted me up from my bottom. Mommy hollered at Daddy again, "Lift up his nuggets!" and then saw what Daddy was doing and said, "No, his chicken nuggets!" Then she started laughing like a maniac. Grown-ups are really strange sometimes.

Of course I ate Daddy's pizza. He does not like it when people eat his food, but I just gave him a double-dimpled smile.

I went on the carousel with Jordan.

We played in the playground for a while. I'm a little scared of going down the slide sitting, but I like going down the slide with my feet first.

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