Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Here!

Mommy had a doctor's appointment this morning. During the NST (non-stress test) where my heart rate is monitored when I kick and move around, Mommy experienced a contraction and my heart rate dipped from the 130s (beats per minute) to about 80 and stayed there for about 2 minutes. Mommy's doctor, Dr. Katz, sent her to the hospital for a CST (contraction stress test). When they gave her pitocin to stimulate contractions, there was a contraction where again my heart rate dipped to the 80s and stayed there for about 2 to 3 minutes because the contraction was pretty sustained. All of a sudden, there was a swarm of doctors and people started shouting out orders. They gave Mommy something through her IV to stop the contraction, then they made her get on her knees. My heart rate went back up to the normal range but it took a few minutes. They told Mommy and Daddy that the result of the CST was positive, that I would have to be delivered that day. They gave Mommy a choice of trying to induce labor or go for a C-section. Mommy and Daddy thought it over for a few minutes and decided to go for the C-section since they wanted to avoid the scary scenario of having the swarm of doctors come in to elevate my heart rate. It happened twice for my big sister Jordan and Jordan ended up having to be delivered through C-section anyways.

So Mommy got a C-section this afternoon. She went into the OR (operating room) around 4:30pm to get her epidural. I was born at 5:13pm. Here is a picture of me about an hour after birth.

Mommy thinks I am tiny. She's forgotten how small newborns are. I weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 20 in. at birth. My APGAR scores were 9 and 9 (at 1 minute and 5 minutes, respectively, after birth).


  1. Hey Alex!!!!!! Welcome to a lifetime of dreams come true! What time did you peek out today? What's your middle name? Give me the whole story!


    *does a happy crazy uncle robotic square dance jig*